Should we celebrate Columbus Day? Research and Essays

Earlier this school year our class did an in-depth study of Christopher Columbus.  We took notes, asked questions, created a pros and cons chart and studied the causes and effects of the Columbian Exchange.  In writing workshop we also began a unit on argument and opinion essays.  We worked for several weeks to learn revision techniques to improve our essays.   We learned that it’s important to understand different perspectives and to respect other people’s opinions. We also learned how to support our opinions with facts. So now we are ready to share our opinions and ideas with the world. You can click here to bring you to a page with the links to each students’ essays.

Where The Mountain Meets The Moon – A Heroine’s Journey

This fall we began a study of the Hero’s Journey.  You can read about it here.  After studying the Star Wars saga we read the book, Where The Mountain Meets The Moon by Grace Lin. Our class enjoyed this book so very much.  We rooted for Minli and Dragon to complete their journey and loved all of the folktales that were embedded throughout the story.  After reading the book we used the Hero’s Journey archetype to analyze the story.  We compared Minli’s journey to Luke Skywalker and Rey.  Finally, we decided to create this slideshow to share with our blog readers. We hope you enjoy it and learn about the Hero’s Journey!  Do you know of any other books or movies that follow the Hero’s Journey archetype?



Mock Caldecott – 2017

This month our class studied a group of picture books.  We pretended we were the judges of the Caldecott Medal, which is an award given to a picture book for the best illustrations. Watch the slide show to find out more about the award and how we chose our winner.

So, now we would like to announce our

Mock Caldecott Awards!

We have one Caldecott Honor book!

Our Mock Caldecott Medal is awarded to…

We are excited and looking forward to Monday to find out the real winner of the Caldecott winner!

We love picture books.



Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Who is Rey?


(UPDATE 11/28/16 – We have been sharing our theories with Mr. St. Pierre’s 5th grade. Both classes are commenting on each others blogs.  You can also visit Mr. St. Pierre’s Blog and read all of our comments.)

This fall we have been studying the narrative archetype of the hero’s journey.  We have used the Star Wars movies to help us understand the different stages.  We we will also be tying in other literature throughout the year.

We recently finished watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens which introduces a new character, Rey,  to the Star Wars world.  We wondered, like many Star Wars fans, who is Rey?  Where does she come from?  As a class we discussed and debated many theories.  Each student is writing about their own opinion on their blog.

We invite you to read about our theories on our individual student blogs which are located on the menu to the right.

SPOILER ALERT: We might give away part of the movie in our posts!

Student Blogs

We are excited to announce that students in room 209 have started their student blogs.  View the links on the right to click to your favorite student blogger.  I hope you will come back often to see what our bloggers are thinking and writing about this year.  And please don’t forget, we love comments.  Let’s get a blogging conversation going!

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#BeBrave #BeAwesome

During the first weeks of school we talked a lot about what kind of classroom we wanted and what kind of students we wanted to be.  We got inspiration from the lyrics of Bravea song by Sara Bareilles and from 2 Kid President videos that you can watch below.  We decided to make our own video.  Here’s the link.

Please comment and let us know what you think?

How will you be awesome?  How will you be brave? What will you teach the world?



This year we have accepted the #classroombookaday challenge! It is our goal to read aloud at least 1 picture book per day.  (Mrs. Rosenquist would like to thank 2 teachers, Jillian Heise and Donalyn Miller for the idea.)  Why, you ask? There are so many reasons! It’s fun, it helps build classroom community, gives us all common stories to talk about throughout the year, helps us appreciate art, inspires us as writers, and inspires a joy for reading…to name just a few reasons. Picture books are for everyone, not just little kids.

What is your favorite picture book?

Which of our #classroombookaday books is your favorite so far?

Why do you like read aloud time?

img_1359 img_1358

Getting Ready for Fifth Grade!

To prepare for fifth grade this blog is getting a new look! As I write this post I am enjoying the last moments of summer vacation.  If you’re a new fifth grade student or parent I’m so glad you stopped by to visit our class blog!  I am excited to start the new year and meet you all! We will use this blog to share our life in 5th grade with the world. To all my prior students, I wish you a wonderful school year and hope you come by and visit.

-Mrs. Rosenquist


Enjoying the Oregon coast