Mystery Skype – January 2018 – written by Dakota & Pola, photographer: Madison

Mystery Skype January 2018 from Debra Rosenquist on Vimeo.

What is Mystery skype?: Mystery skype is when you kind of facetime video another class. They could be anywhere around the United States. We would have to guess what state they are in and what city based on clues. We could ask them questions and they would answer yes or no. The mystery class has to ask our class their questions. The mystery class also has to guess what state we are in.           

   How it went: Our class had a fun time doing Mystery skype. The mystery class had some disconnections with the call.

 What happened?: There was a little problem with the disconnection but it was ok. It was funny when the kids in the mystery class when they got something right they got really excited. But when we got something right we were excited but we didn’t scream. But it was really fun and nice we hope we do it again soon.

Thank you to Ms. Thompson’s class in Albertville, Alabama at Evans Elementary for a fun and educational Mystery Skype.

Have you every done a Mystery Skype?

What was your favorite part of the Mystery Skype?

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Welcome to Fifth Grade!

Hello to all of my new fifth graders! Right now I am busy preparing our classroom and getting ready for the new year.  Even though I have stayed on Long Island this summer, I have enjoyed hosting friends and family. I like to read, sew and spend time with my husband and dog, Bogart. I am looking forward to sharing books and learning about the world with my 5th graders. I would love to hear from you before school starts, so leave a comment below and I will write back.  Tell me what you have been doing this summer or ask me a question!