First Week Favorites

We started school this week!  Here’ some of our favorite activities and things we learned.

  • We learned about the class library. – Carson
  • We shared our favorite books from home. –  Ryan C.
  • My favorite thing was to learn how to do Read to Self. – Cheyenne
  • My favorite part was writing workshop. – Sarah
  • During our boook share we learned some kids like fiction and some kids like non-fiction. – Maeve
  • When I read I like to sit on the bean bags. – Peter
  • My favorite read aloud was The Incredible Book-Eating Boy.  – Xiomara and Christian
  • My favorite book for read aloud this week was Interrupting Chicken. – Isabel
  • My favorite thing so far was going to specials. – Donnie
  • My favorite thing we did this week was our self-portrait. – Daniel and Ashley
  • I like when we did the Time Capsule. – Ryan B.
  • I like when Mrs. Rosenquist reads books to us like, Excuse Me, But That is My Book. – Nava
  • My favorite part is when we do morning routines and lunch count. – Owen
  • I liked when Mrs. Rosenquist read the book Crankenstein. – Julian and Robert
  • We ALL enjoy participating in Brain Breaks and Dance Parties.

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8 thoughts on “First Week Favorites

  1. Sarah's Mom

    I’m so happy to see everyone had a great week and I really like the use of technology in the class. Good Luck Second Graders!

  2. Mrs. Coffin

    I LOVE being in your classroom, boys and girls, and I am so excited to see all of the amazing things we will do this year!

  3. Isabel

    Dear Mrs. Rosenquist,
    So far I am having fun in your class. I wonder what else we will do this year. I am so happy to be in your class.
    Your Friend,
    Isabel R.

    1. Mrs. Rosenquist Post author

      Dear Isabel,
      So far, I am having so much fun too! I am glad you are so happy to be in Room 202. This year will be full of friendship, learning and lots of books. It’s so wonderful that you read our blog at home and wrote a comment too.
      Mrs. Rosenquist


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