Our Best Books of the Year! 2015

This last week of school we have been reviewing our reading logs and thinking about our favorite books of the year. There are so many books we have enjoyed this year, so it was hard to choose just one book to present in the following Google presentation.

Enjoy the show and be sure to come back each week this summer to find out what everyone is reading!

17 thoughts on “Our Best Books of the Year! 2015

  1. Emeli

    Dear class, I loved everybody’s slides all of the slides were cool I hope you have a grate summer Love, Emeli

  2. Cassie

    Dear Mrs.Rosenquist ,
    The slide video you put together was Amazing! I loved how you made the slide turn and it was like a cube! You did a GREAT job!

  3. Hannah

    Dear class,
    I liked all our best books .Maybe the second graders will like it when they are in third grade .

    1. Mrs. Rosenquist Post author

      Dear Hannah,
      Wow! That would be awesome if some second graders visited our blog and got ideas about which books to read.
      Mrs. Rosenquist

  4. Nick

    Dear Tj
    I liked yours I never read one of the dinosaur cove books. In my summer reading I might get the dinosaur cove books. I like how you told the information without giving it away. That is why I think yours is the best

  5. pedro

    Dear Brendon I liked your slide show because you told how you liked it and you did int tell to much about the story.

  6. Abby

    Dear Jordan,
    I loved your slide. I can’t believe you found another Bird and Squirrel! I am so going to get the book. I wonder what it’s about. Do you know.


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