Our favorite Read Alouds So Far!


We have read lots of picture books during the first 10 days of school.  We will be keeping track of our read alouds on Shelfari.  You can view our Shelfari page here.

Which ones are your favorites?

33 thoughts on “Our favorite Read Alouds So Far!

  1. Kyler

    Dear Class Friends,

    Wolfie The Bunny was one of my favorite read alouds.It was one of my favorites because it made me learn something:Just because your siblings bother you,it dosen’t mean you don’t stop loving them.It is very good to learn something from a book.it was very interesting to me.My brother bothers me but i still like him as a brother.

  2. savanah

    Dear Mrs rosenquist
    I loved wilma unlimited because she was a model to say never give up she inspierd me a lot after
    my teacher read it to me i felt like i can do anything i just need to belive in myself and just because she hert her ankel she still stud up tall and said i will never give up .

  3. Kyler

    Dear Class,

    The Dot was a very good book.It was very interesting to me.The book was a good book to learn about art. Art dosen’t have to be perfect. You can draw whatever you want. Its always enough. You don’t have to change anything.Be yourself.You are you.


  4. Daniela

    Dear Mrs Rosenquist,
    I love I yam A Donkey because the donkey said I yam a donkey and the yam said it’s I am a donkey.I also love the increbible book eating boy because the boy eats books.
    From Daniela

  5. Arianna

    Dear Classmates,
    My favroite book this week was, this is not my hat it made me feel silly and the book was great until the big fish….ate the little one! because the little fish ate the big fish.

  6. sophia

    Dear class,
    my favorite book is the great fuzz frenzy, i pick this book because it was so halaryes ,so funny how little pip squeek just poked a ball of fuzz then everyone came running to pick at the fuzz ball and i love that at first everyone was dancing and making the fuzz into things when all the fuzz was gone the animals would not stop fighting! they all said ‘that is MY fuzz! it made me laugh so hard i my eyes shut tight!
    from a good friend,

  7. Jillian

    Dear Class
    My favorite book is I Yam A Donkey
    I like it because it was funny and the yam was trying to teach the donkey grammer
    Your Firend

  8. John L

    Dear Mrs.Rosenquist,
    I like I yam a donkey it is funny and my favorite book yet. it was funny because donkey cept
    saying yam yam yam it was funny very funny.
    from John L

  9. Zoe

    Dear classmates,
    His is not my hat that was my favorite book not
    because the fish stole the hat because I love the
    illashatsones the were really good. The book was sad at the end because the BIG fish ate the little fish i was so sad i was about to
    cry but it was still a amazing book.
    from Zoe

    1. Mrs. Rosenquist Post author

      Dear Zoe,
      I love when a book makes us think and feel. It sound like that is what This Is Not My Hat did for you.
      Mrs. Rosenquist

  10. alexa

    Dear class
    I yam a donkey it is so funny and I like it very much and the donkey and the yam the yam said that i . .am the donkey and then donkey said . .so you are my lunch and the Donkey ate him the end.
    from Alexa

  11. Rina

    Dear classmates
    My favraite book was The Wolfe bunny because I like how at first the bunny does not like the wolfe an at the end the bunny likes the wolfe.
    from Rina

  12. Jake

    Dear. Mrs.Rosenquist
    We have read lots of books this month I will tell you all of the books that I liked That is not my hat,
    I Yam A Donkey,Give Me My Hat Back.
    From Jake

  13. Natalie

    DEAR Mrs rosenquist
    I realy like it because the story is cute. A wolf is in pink because I love pink.It inspired me to be nice to my sister because she is always mean to me. I do not like it I love it . I wish I can keep it .
    from natalie

      1. natalie

        Dear. Mrs.Rosenquist

        I am so excited for you to read more books to the class and learn about many different topics

        from Natalie

  14. Joey

    Mrs. Rosenquist,
    This is my fraviot book This is not my hat Beging I like this book because it is fun to see the little fish stole the big fish hat and I also like the little fish when he got eatin

  15. Sophia

    Dear Mrs.Rosenquist,
    i am so happy that we have a class blog, i love that we can be free to type I was looking for something like this.

  16. Sophia

    dear class,
    i also like Marelyn’s monster, i like it because it tells a story behind it.It means not to do what other people tell you and not to wait, go and find what you need to find! do what you always dreamed to do. Have fun! Be happy!


  17. Natalie

    dear class , I like billy miller because at the end of the story because billy has confidence because he announced a speech that he wrote.and that he worked on it


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