Getting Ready for Fifth Grade!

To prepare for fifth grade this blog is getting a new look! As I write this post I am enjoying the last moments of summer vacation.  If you’re a new fifth grade student or parent I’m so glad you stopped by to visit our class blog!  I am excited to start the new year and meet you all! We will use this blog to share our life in 5th grade with the world. To all my prior students, I wish you a wonderful school year and hope you come by and visit.

-Mrs. Rosenquist


Enjoying the Oregon coast

One thought on “Getting Ready for Fifth Grade!

  1. Hemi

    Dear Class,
    My favorite activity on the first week is when we made the marshmallow tower even tho we messed up the first time it was still fun both times.I can’t wait for the future to come and all the stuff planned for the rest of the year.So far it’s been great being in this class I’m so happy.


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