#BeBrave #BeAwesome

During the first weeks of school we talked a lot about what kind of classroom we wanted and what kind of students we wanted to be.  We got inspiration from the lyrics of Bravea song by Sara Bareilles and from 2 Kid President videos that you can watch below.  We decided to make our own video.  Here’s the link.

Please comment and let us know what you think?

How will you be awesome?  How will you be brave? What will you teach the world?


5 thoughts on “#BeBrave #BeAwesome

  1. Jordyn

    Dear Mrs. Rosenquist,

    I will be brave be raising my hand more to read what I wrote! I will be Awsome by doing really good in school! I will teach the world about wolves and Irish Step Dancing!


  2. Miranda

    I think that lessons like this are so important, especially during this time in our country and world. I love that you used music to show the children to be courageous. Not only do I like that you used to music, I think it was a good choice to make it a pop song that the kids were probably familiar with. Now, when they hear this song in the future, they will think of the life lessons that they learned in your class! In the future, I hope to do a similar activity to yours in which you had the class make a video of how they are going to be brave. I am often skeptical when teachers include passive activities in lessons like watching a video, but you enhanced the activity by having them make their own. This also likely inspired them to carry out their plans for how they were going to be brave.


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