Blog Guidelines

What is a blog?  A blog is an online journal, or web log.  It is written in reverse chronological order.

Our class blog is a way for us to share our ideas and learning with other people.  There are many benefits to blogging.  Blogging improves our literacy skills and provides opportunities to use important technological tools in authentic ways.  We hope to use our blog to tell about what is happening in our classroom and connect with our families and classrooms around the world!  We are learning how to use the blog and the internet safely.  We are learning how to be good cyber-citizens.  

Blogging Guidelines

  • All comments and posts should use only the student’s first name.
  • Student photos should not be labeled with their name.
  • Parents who leave comments should not use their last name either. (Sign your comment, Debbie’s dad or Debbie’s grandpa, etc.)
  • All comments and posts will have to be approved by Mrs. Rosenquist before they are included on the blog.  Mrs. Rosenquist is the blog moderator.
  • Never include personal information, like address or personal family information.
  • Please use good manners.
  • Write in complete sentences.  Use proper spelling, capitalization and punctuation.  Do not use “text talk”.
  • Comments are written in the format of a friendly letter

5 thoughts on “Blog Guidelines

  1. Owen

    Hello Mrs. Rosenquist, Mrs.Hughes and all the children in Mrs. Rosenquist class. It was so exciting watching you all face time with another class from Texas. That was so cool. I hope you all shared some really great stories with each other. I look forward to the next blog. Have a great day! Mrs. Rendall


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