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Mock Caldecott – 2017

This month our class studied a group of picture books.  We pretended we were the judges of the Caldecott Medal, which is an award given to a picture book for the best illustrations. Watch the slide show to find out more about the award and how we chose our winner.

So, now we would like to announce our

Mock Caldecott Awards!

We have one Caldecott Honor book!

Our Mock Caldecott Medal is awarded to…

We are excited and looking forward to Monday to find out the real winner of the Caldecott winner!

We love picture books.



Mock Caldecott 2015 Nominations

Over the last month or so we have been reading and studying many picture books.  Mrs. Rosenquist chose her favorite picture books from 2014 and the students in our class will decide which book to award our Mock Caldecott Medal.

Do you know what the Caldecott Medal is?  Every year the American Library Association awards the medal to the illustrator that has created the best picture book of the year.  In our class we learned about the different criteria the judges use to pick the winner.

Here are our nominees and some videos to go along with some of the books.

Which books have you read?

What are your favorites?

Which book do you think will win the real medal?  It will be announced on Monday, February 2.  We hope to watch the awards be announced live (if we don’t have another snow day)!  Come back to our blog tomorrow to find out which book won our Mock Caldecott Medal!


Read for the Record with Otis

Today we joined millions of children and adults and celebrated Read for the Record by reading the book, Otis by Loren Long.  Afterwards we watched videos of Loren discussing Otis, his books and artwork.  We used watercolors to try and paint in the same style as Loren Long.  We painted our own versions of Otis, the tractor.

Books can teach us important life lessons.  Here’s some life lessons that we think Otis taught us;

  • the importance of friendship
  • old people, animals and other things are still valuable
  • heroism – anyone can be a hero (Mrs. Rosenquist is very proud that a second grader used the word, heroism!)


Have you read any of the Otis books?

Did you participate in Read for the Record?

International Dot Day – 2013

This week we celebrated International Dot Day!  We read the book, The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds.  The book celebrates courage and creativity.

We made our own dots on fabric.  We used colored sharpie  markers.  Then we dropped rubbing alcohol on them.   It spread the color all over the fabric.

We Skyped with Mrs. Morgan’s class. They live in Ft. Worth, Texas. We read the book together.

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So, make your mark…and see where it takes you!

Have you read this book?

How did you celebrate Dot Day?

G’Day – A Visit from Down Under

Today we had a visitor in Art Class.  His name was Chris Pitkin and he is from Australia.  He taught us about the Aboriginal musical instrument called the didgeridoo.  It is a hollowed out tree trunk that you blow into.  The Aborigines are the first people that lived in Australia.  Aborigines use music to tell stories.  Then he taught us about dot painting which is the type of art that Aborigines use.  The Aborigine use their art to communicate stories without words.  They use symbols.  During Art we all got to do some dot paintings and tell stories with symbols.  Thank you Mr. Pitkin for visiting our school.

Have you ever done dot paintings or used a didgeridoo?

What was your favorite part of the visit?

What do you know about Australia?  Do you live there or have you visited?

Click on the picture and it will link you to a website where you can hear the sounds of a didgeridoo!



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