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#BeBrave #BeAwesome

During the first weeks of school we talked a lot about what kind of classroom we wanted and what kind of students we wanted to be.  We got inspiration from the lyrics of Bravea song by Sara Bareilles and from 2 Kid President videos that you can watch below.  We decided to make our own video.  Here’s the link.

Please comment and let us know what you think?

How will you be awesome?  How will you be brave? What will you teach the world?


Getting Ready for Fifth Grade!

To prepare for fifth grade this blog is getting a new look! As I write this post I am enjoying the last moments of summer vacation.  If you’re a new fifth grade student or parent I’m so glad you stopped by to visit our class blog!  I am excited to start the new year and meet you all! We will use this blog to share our life in 5th grade with the world. To all my prior students, I wish you a wonderful school year and hope you come by and visit.

-Mrs. Rosenquist


Enjoying the Oregon coast

First Week of School

We just finished a great first week of school. We did some good things.  It was fun.  Here’s some first week memories.

I loved doing the Number Talks. Savanah & Kaelynn

I liked gym, or physical education. Alex & John R & Joey

I liked when Mrs. Rosenquist read all the books to us. Aristotle & Jillian

I liked going to the library and seeing the World Book! Sophia & Zoe

My favorite thing to do was read. Essa

I liked all the homework we are doing. Gawaine

I liked the classroom library. Alexa & Daniella & Gawaine

I liked doing independent reading. Matt & Arianna & John L & Kyler & Yuvi

I liked outdoor recess. Rina

I liked indoor recess. Savanah

I liked seeing the new playground. Leon

I like reader’s and writer’s workshop. Jillian

I liked read aloud. Jake & Lucia

What are your favorite memories from the first week of school?






First Week of Third Grade

Here’s some our favorite things we did in third grade so far.

  • I like playing 1 2 3 Pop at the end of the day before we leave. -Nicholas
  • I like reading The Incredible Book Eating Boy and making a book eating self. – Abby, Givanni, Darien, Yaneliz, Ariah and Emily
  • I like using the Xtramath website to study math facts. – Ethan
  • I like reading  good fit books during Reading Workshop. It’s called independent reading. – Griffin & Micaela & Kyle
  • I like doing the I am…. poem – Brandon
  • I like making my self portrait – Hannah & Justin
  • I like doing Brain Breaks which is a dance with the Smartboard. – Jordan & TJ & Pedro & Brenda
  • I like to write during Writing Workshop. – Panika & Ariana


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Welcome to Third Grade! It’s going to be a great year!

The 2014-2015  school year is just around the corner and I am busy getting ready – and that includes writing this post to welcome all soon-to-be Room 107 Third Graders and their families!  I am so glad you stopped by to visit our class blog to have a look around.  We will use our blog to write about what we are learning during the school year.  Our blog helps us to connect with our families and other students from around the world!  Right now I am writing this post all by myself, but when school begins we will write the posts together.  You will learn how to write your own comments on our blog and other class blogs too!  Blogging is one way we bring the world into our classroom.

I have had a busy and wonderful summer so far.  My husband and I went on a trip to Italy!  It was my first trip to the continent of Europe.  In fact, it was the first time that I left the North American continent!  From ancient Roman buildings and inspiring artwork to volcanoes and beautiful scenery we had an unforgettable time.

Now, get your mom or dad or another adult, and write a comment to this post.  Tell me about your summer.  Do you have any questions about third grade?  I can’t wait to hear from you!

And remind mom or dad to subscribe to our blog – just enter your email in the box on top left side.  That way you will get automatic emails every time our class writes a new post.

(If you are one of my past second graders visiting the blog I’m so glad you stopped by – be sure to leave a comment letting me know how you are doing!  If you no longer want to subscribe to this blog you should be able to do that by following the directions at the bottom of your email.)

First Week Favorites

We started school this week!  Here’ some of our favorite activities and things we learned.

  • We learned about the class library. – Carson
  • We shared our favorite books from home. –  Ryan C.
  • My favorite thing was to learn how to do Read to Self. – Cheyenne
  • My favorite part was writing workshop. – Sarah
  • During our boook share we learned some kids like fiction and some kids like non-fiction. – Maeve
  • When I read I like to sit on the bean bags. – Peter
  • My favorite read aloud was The Incredible Book-Eating Boy.  – Xiomara and Christian
  • My favorite book for read aloud this week was Interrupting Chicken. – Isabel
  • My favorite thing so far was going to specials. – Donnie
  • My favorite thing we did this week was our self-portrait. – Daniel and Ashley
  • I like when we did the Time Capsule. – Ryan B.
  • I like when Mrs. Rosenquist reads books to us like, Excuse Me, But That is My Book. – Nava
  • My favorite part is when we do morning routines and lunch count. – Owen
  • I liked when Mrs. Rosenquist read the book Crankenstein. – Julian and Robert
  • We ALL enjoy participating in Brain Breaks and Dance Parties.

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