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Our Favorite Fiction – class slide show ( written by Sophia )

Our class learned how to use Google Drive. Google Drive is a website our class uses for our work.You have many things you can do to pick from on  Google Drive. We started to create a slide show, it is about our favorite book we read at independent reading. There is three slides. We wrote the tittle, why we like it, and we made a bubble map for the main character. We put all our slides together and made one slide in all. It looks really cool. Please view the video.


Have you read any of these books?

What are your favorite fiction books?

Our Best Books of the Year! 2015

This last week of school we have been reviewing our reading logs and thinking about our favorite books of the year. There are so many books we have enjoyed this year, so it was hard to choose just one book to present in the following Google presentation.

Enjoy the show and be sure to come back each week this summer to find out what everyone is reading!

Room 202 Book Reviews 2014

The Friday before Spring Break we finished writing book reviews and students selected their favorites to record on Audioboo.  Enjoy.  And don’t forget we really like comments on our blog!


Check for Understanding by Sarah, Isabel and Cheyenne

We are here to tell you about Read to Self. We do read to self to become a better reader. We do some reading strategies. We are going to teach you Check for Understanding. We do this strategy when we are reading a book to make sure we comprehend what we are reading. Here’s what we do. Ask, Who’s in the story? What’s happening in the story? We do this every couple of pages or at the end of a chapter.  If it is a a non-fiction book, we ask the question, What is this part teaching us? or What is this part about?

Do you enjoy reading to yourself?

What do you like to read?


Book Clubs

This spring we enjoyed Book Clubs during Partner Reading time.  Partners chose a topic to research and then decided on a project to show what they learned.  Here’s a video of one partnership.  They also do a great job explaining how we read and took notes during Partner Reading time.  Take it away “Owl Girls”!




Tigers Book Club poster


Whales Book Club poster


Volcanoes Book Club book


Tigers Book Club poster


Ants Book Club poster


Volcanoes Book Club poster


Plants Book Club book


Dinosaurs and Fossils Book Club book


Bears Book Club poster


Dolphins and Orcas Book Club poster

What is your favorite non-fiction topic?

What did you enjoy about Book Clubs?