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Should we celebrate Columbus Day? Research and Essays

Earlier this school year our class did an in-depth study of Christopher Columbus.  We took notes, asked questions, created a pros and cons chart and studied the causes and effects of the Columbian Exchange.  In writing workshop we also began a unit on argument and opinion essays.  We worked for several weeks to learn revision techniques to improve our essays.   We learned that it’s important to understand different perspectives and to respect other people’s opinions. We also learned how to support our opinions with facts. So now we are ready to share our opinions and ideas with the world. You can click here to bring you to a page with the links to each students’ essays.

Inquiry Unit (by Sophia)

This month we have been reading and writing about slavery for our inquiry unit. We read about slaves and we wrote what we learned about them. We used a website to do our research. We had a 3 T-chart. One section had new learning another had question and the last one had reflection. We read about the house conditions, the punishments, how they escaped, and Harriet Tubman. We learned a lot of things. We also Wrote a slave narrative. We pretended we used to be slaves and wrote about ourself. We made up a story about ourselves and we put some real information in it!  We had a lot of fun doing that! There was four sections to it. One was Life As A Slave, another was My Escape, and the last two were Reaching Freedom and The Civl War. The last thing we did was we presented our work.

We also read a book about slavery.  We took information from a book, wrote it down, and put it into a presentation. We had presentation words we wanted to use. Each table had different subjects and presented it to the class. We talked about what we learned, taught new things to the class,on a chart we wrote things the other tables taught us, we asked a lot of questions, and we had a lot of fun!! We loved the subject and everything about it!!

You can read our slave narratives by visiting this link: Tell the Story: Slave Narratives written by Mrs. Rosenquist’s 3rd Grade.


Mystery Skype – reported by Arianna & Kaelynn

Today we did a mystery skype. A mystery skype is a skype that you do with a random class. Maybe only your teacher knows there names. We had to guess where they’re from. We asked yes or no questions. Everyone had different jobs. The mystery class was from Illinois!  They are also reading The Year of Billy Miller, as part of the Global Read Aloud.




Thanksgiving is a National Holiday in the United States.  After watching several videos on the History Channel and Scholastic’s website we learned a lot about this holiday!






What  did you learn about the Thanksgiving Holiday and the Pilgrims?

How do you and your family celebrate Thanksgiving?

What is a tradition?

A tradition is a belief, idea or custom that is handed down from one generation to the next.  The Thanksgiving Holiday is an American tradition because most Americans celebrate this holiday.

In the historical fiction story, Milly and Macy’s Parade, we learned that it was the Macy’s immigrant employees that brought some of their old world traditions to help create the first Macy’s parade.




In Balloons Over Broadway, we learned about the true story of Tony Sarg, the puppeteer who helped to create the large balloons that are now a tradition in the Macy’s Parade.  Did you know that Tony was an immigrant also?

Can you think of some other American traditions?

How do you celebrate Thanksgiving?

What are some of your family traditions?


Let’s Learn some Italian!

Thank you to Mr. Drucker and his students from the high school for visiting our classroom today.  They taught us some words in Italian!

Image Source:

Image Source:

If you live in the country of Italy you speak Italian.

Italy is on which continent?

Do you know anyone who speaks Italian?

What was your favorite part of their visit?

Career Day 2014

On Career Day we went to a librarian and her name is Mrs. Bush.  Mrs. Bush works at the Comsewogue Public Library.  She is in charge of music, books and video games.  She reads books to little kids.  She helps kids find books.  We learned that the library is close to Terryville School.- written by Justin, Abby, Yaneliz, Givanni and Brianna

Dr. Mark is an orthodontist who helps teeth get straight.  He puts in braces, palate expanders and other teeth equiptment.  He puts braces on gently.  Dentists use a lot of tools like a mirror and drill.  He takes x-rays to look at people’s teeth.  We also learned that braces can be different colors!  It doesn’t hurt while dentists put on and take off braces.  Some things were interesting.  Let us tell you some.  Dentists use their hands a lot and they use drills.  That is what Dr. Mark does.  -written by Kyle, T.J., Kayla, Panika, Nick and Emeli

On Career Day we saw Mrs. Rella and she was a nurse.  A nurse does make people healthy and she can help us if we get hurt.  We learned that when you sit up straight your lungs have more room.  Also, we learned that to open the door with a napkin when you leave the bathroom.  -written by Ariana, Cassie, Pedro, Hannah, Brenda and Micaela

On Career Day we met an exterminator named Mr. Annicelli.  Let us tell you about him.  An exterminator comes to your house to exterminate bugs.  Mr. Annicelli puts a poison on the floor to kill mice, rats and other small animals.  A rat will commence licking his feet, and it has stepped in poison.  We learned that termites eat something in the wood.  Termites are attracked to light and water.  Did you know worms eat themselves if they don’t have any food to eat?  If you cut a cockroach’s head off they’ll both be alive for a little while.  -written by Griffin, Brandon, Darien, Jordan and Ethan

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Blogging Challenge – Town and Country

We are participating in Edublog’s Class Blogging Challenge this year.  This week’s post is from Week 2, Town and Country.

Here’s what we learned and want to share with our Blog readers.

The country we live in is the United States of America.  There are 5o states in the U.S.A.  There are 50 stars on the United States flag!  Each star stands for a state.  The carpet in our class has a map of the United States.













We live in New York State.  The town we live in is called Port Jefferson Station. It is a suburb of New York City. We live in a region of New York, called Long Island.  An island is land that is completely surrounded by water.


Image Source Click on the map to learn more about New York's geography.

Image Source
Click on the map to learn more about New York’s geography.


Long Island, New York Image Link

Long Island, New York
Image Link

Since we live on an island we have lots of beaches.  We can play in the water and sand during the summer.  We can also go fishing and some of us have been on a boat too!  If we want to visit Connecticut or other areas in the northeast we can take a ferry across the Long Island Sound.  We live close enough to New York City so some of us have seen a Broadway show, tall skyscrapers like The Empire State Building and famous landmarks like The Statue of Liberty.

 Image Source

Have you ever been to New York or Long Island?

Do you live near water?  What’s it like where you live?

Where do you live and go to school?

Leave us a comment! We would love to hear from you?