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Caldecott Party

We had an exciting day filled with books, authors, illustrators and popcorn!  Some favorites won some awards and we have a list of new books we can’t wait to find and read.

If you want to watch the awards announcement again or read a list of the books that won awards today click here.

Mystery Skype – reported by Arianna & Kaelynn

Today we did a mystery skype. A mystery skype is a skype that you do with a random class. Maybe only your teacher knows there names. We had to guess where they’re from. We asked yes or no questions. Everyone had different jobs. The mystery class was from Illinois!  They are also reading The Year of Billy Miller, as part of the Global Read Aloud.



Winter Concert

Last week our class attended the school wide Winter Concert Assembly.  Let us tell you a little bit about the assembly.

Let us tell you about the orchestra.  At the concert we saw lots of violins and cellos.  Mrs. Tramantana was directing the orchestra.  There were 4th and 5th graders in the orchestra.

We saw the 4th grade chorus directed by Mrs. Rios.  The chorus is when you sing.  The chorus sang Christmas and Hannakah songs.

At the winter concert one of the groups we saw was the band.  The band is directed by Ms. Sparacin.  The band played a Chanukah song.  We saw flutes, trombones, french horns, drums, tuba and  xylophone.


The 5th grade chorus is also directed by Mrs. Rios.  They also sang Christmas songs.  One part of the song was “time for joy and time for cheer”.

What was your favorite part of the concert?

Do you play an instrument?

When you are in 4th grade next year which group would you like to join and which instrument would you like to play?

Career Day 2014

On Career Day we went to a librarian and her name is Mrs. Bush.  Mrs. Bush works at the Comsewogue Public Library.  She is in charge of music, books and video games.  She reads books to little kids.  She helps kids find books.  We learned that the library is close to Terryville School.- written by Justin, Abby, Yaneliz, Givanni and Brianna

Dr. Mark is an orthodontist who helps teeth get straight.  He puts in braces, palate expanders and other teeth equiptment.  He puts braces on gently.  Dentists use a lot of tools like a mirror and drill.  He takes x-rays to look at people’s teeth.  We also learned that braces can be different colors!  It doesn’t hurt while dentists put on and take off braces.  Some things were interesting.  Let us tell you some.  Dentists use their hands a lot and they use drills.  That is what Dr. Mark does.  -written by Kyle, T.J., Kayla, Panika, Nick and Emeli

On Career Day we saw Mrs. Rella and she was a nurse.  A nurse does make people healthy and she can help us if we get hurt.  We learned that when you sit up straight your lungs have more room.  Also, we learned that to open the door with a napkin when you leave the bathroom.  -written by Ariana, Cassie, Pedro, Hannah, Brenda and Micaela

On Career Day we met an exterminator named Mr. Annicelli.  Let us tell you about him.  An exterminator comes to your house to exterminate bugs.  Mr. Annicelli puts a poison on the floor to kill mice, rats and other small animals.  A rat will commence licking his feet, and it has stepped in poison.  We learned that termites eat something in the wood.  Termites are attracked to light and water.  Did you know worms eat themselves if they don’t have any food to eat?  If you cut a cockroach’s head off they’ll both be alive for a little while.  -written by Griffin, Brandon, Darien, Jordan and Ethan

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Fire Prevention Assembly written by Panika & Kyle

On October 7, 2014 we went to a fire prevention assembly. First, we went to the trailer to practice escaping. We went inside a room and then we crawled. We felt the door knob, as it gets hotter quicker! Then the fire alarm went off. We crawled to the door and up the stairs. Some of us stood up, and we were told to never stand up or we can die because smoke is hotter than flames and more toxic than flames. Then we climbed out the window.

Next, we went to the fire truck. We got to see all of the firemen awesome, but serious tools. We learned that there is a hose on every side. The fireman kept saying a fire truck is a huge toolbox on wheels.

Thank you Terryville Fire Department.

Do you have a fire alarm and a carbon dioxide detector in your house?

World Read Aloud Day 2014

We celebrated World Read Aloud Day by inviting guests to come to our class and read a favorite picture book.  We also Skyped with author, Tara Lazar.  She read her picture book, The Monstore to us and even answered some of our questions.  Students brought in new and almost new books to donate to a local charity too.  It was an exciting and meaningful day.


World Read Aloud Day is sponsored by as a way to advocate for the right to read.  All children and adults have the right to read.  Celebrate your right to read by reading aloud to your child every day.

December News (a bit late)

We were so busy during December that we forgot to write some Blog posts! So here’s a few highlights from last month.

We experimented with modeling clay to build a boat that would float. Then we each tried to build a boat that would hold the most marbles.



We enjoyed our Stone Soup Celebration!

IMG_3003 IMG_3004 IMG_3006IMG_3005

We made centerpieces to donate to a Soup Kitchen.  We learned how to make tissue paper flowers and created poinsettias.  Thanks to Isabel’s mom for all her help.

IMG_3015 IMG_3011 IMG_3013 IMG_3016 IMG_3014 IMG_3012


Donnie’s aunt came in to teach about the Winter Solstice!



And of course we had our wonderful Author Celebration!


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Katie’s Puppets Assembly

This week we enjoyed a wonderful puppet show performed by Katie’s Puppets.  Here’s what we thought!

Our favorite part was at the end when we made our own puppets. Donnie & Giana & Robert
My favorite part was when the mouse said, “If we can only find the cheese?’ and the cheese popped up. Daniel
Our favorite part was when she called Mrs. Devine up to pack the suitcase. Maeve & Cheyenne
Our favorite part was when the cheese popped up in front of the mouse, and the mouse said, “Dive!” Carson & Christian & Peter & Ryan B.
I like the part when he went to every country. Ashley
My favorite part was when the mouse asked our friend, Justin to come up and help catch the cheese. Xiomara
We liked the part when the gigantic cheese ball came up. Sarah & Owen & Isabel & Brian & Julian


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