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It’s Summer! What are you reading?

It’s Summer! What are you reading?

Each week during the summer I will try and write a post about summer reading.  I hope you will visit our blog and post a comment about your own summer reading!  It’s a great way to keep in touch and learn about great books!  Happy Reading and Happy Summer!

So here is what I’m currently reading.  Post a comment and let us hear from you!

genius filesYou might recognize this book because I showed the book trailer last week.  It’s the first of a series.  The main characters are Coke and Pepsi McDonald who are twins.  They have recently  found out that they have been chosen to be part of a genius team of kids that are suppose to help solve the world’s problems.  The only problem is that there is another organization that wants these kids dead!  I’m about half way through the book and so far Coke and Pep are on a trip across the country and have had to avoid the bad guys twice so far!  If you like mystery and adventure I think you will enjoy this series.  Fans of Kate Messner’s Hide and Seek and Capture the Flag will enjoy this book too!


Here are the next 3 books on my TBR list. (TBR = To Be Read) Lisa Graff is the author of Absolutely Almost which we read this year.

cody lost in the sungiants beware


We can’t wait to hear from you – so make sure to come back this summer and post a comment on one of our Summer Reading posts.  What are you reading?

What is a tradition?

A tradition is a belief, idea or custom that is handed down from one generation to the next.  The Thanksgiving Holiday is an American tradition because most Americans celebrate this holiday.

In the historical fiction story, Milly and Macy’s Parade, we learned that it was the Macy’s immigrant employees that brought some of their old world traditions to help create the first Macy’s parade.




In Balloons Over Broadway, we learned about the true story of Tony Sarg, the puppeteer who helped to create the large balloons that are now a tradition in the Macy’s Parade.  Did you know that Tony was an immigrant also?

Can you think of some other American traditions?

How do you celebrate Thanksgiving?

What are some of your family traditions?


Norwood Second Grade Mock Caldecott 2014 Winners

Today all 6 classes of second grade here at Norwood cast their final ballots for our Mock Caldecott!  Here are our winners.  We can’t wait until Monday when the REAL Caldecott Medal is awarded!


day the crayons quit










We also had 4 books that earned our Mock Caldecott Honor Award.


fish and snail



Celebrating our Second Grade Authors

We have been working very hard in Writing Workshop to publish our personal narratives.  Today we had an Author Celebration and invited family to come and listen to us read our stories.  Here are some of our favorite and most memorable moments of the event.

  • I am proud that I read my story.  I spoke loud and wasn’t shy. – Marina
  • I will always remember reading my story to my mom. – Danielle
  • I liked reading the story to my mom because I have been working hard on it. – Jason
  • I liked when I faced my fear of being nervous.  I just kept saying to myself, “keep going on.” – William
  • For the first time ever, reading the story in front of someone.  – Gabriella B.
  • I was brave when I read in front of everyone. -Ray
  • I am proud that I read in front of my mom and dad.  – Riley N.
  • I will remember that I read my story in front of my dad because I love my dad. – Gabby C.
  • I liked reading the part in my story when I took photos. – Nick
  • I will remember reading the story in front of my mom because I usually don’t do this. – Genavieve
  • I will remember reading to my mom and being the group leader. – Claire L.
  • When I read my stories in front of the people. Chris M.
  • I liked how I read my story very loud. – Cambria
  • I like how our group was reading loud. – Kedar
  • I like how everyone described things in their writing. – Patrick
  • We all loved the snacks and hot chocolate that we enjoyed afterwards!
What was your favorite or memorable part of our celebration?
What ways do you celebrate your writing?


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Our First Skype Call!

Last Wednesday our class Skyped with Mrs. Phillips second grade class from Ohio! Our main topic of conversation was Wonderopolis, since both of our classes enjoy using this terrific website. We shared some of our favorite wonders, but most of all we really enjoyed finding out about their school and asking them questions!

Here’s some things we learned:

They told us about some interesting wonders, like the Big Apple.

They have 24 students in their class.

Their school is north of Cincinatti, Ohio.

They have indoor recess too when it rains outside.

Their school goes up to 12th grade!!

They do Read to Self like us, and enjoy choosing their own books too.

We have many new questions about Mrs. Phillip’s second grade and hope to Skype with them again sometime. Thank you Mrs. Phillip’s second graders for giving us some new wonders to check out!

Here’s some photos we took during our Skype session.

Skype on PhotoPeach

Have you ever used Skype before?

What did you think of our first Skype experience?

Time Capsules

During the first week of school we made Time Capsules.  A time capsule is a package that has information about us.  These are the things we put in our time capsule.  We traced our hand and measured it with unifix cubes.  Mrs. Rosenquist measured the length of our body with a string and then we measured the string with unifix cubes.  We looked into our future and drew a picture in a crystal ball.  Then we had to fill out a paper about all of our favorite things – like favorite food and favorite school subject.  We rolled all the papers up and sealed them.  Mrs. Rosenquist will put the Time Capsules in a safe place until June.

Time Capsules on PhotoPeach


What would you put in a Time Capsule?

Have you ever made a Time Capsule?

The Rosenquist Mini-Mall

 Last week we had a class store.  We called it the Rosenquist Mini-Mall.  We had stores and shoppers.  We did the store to learn about money.  First, we had to earn money.  Each day we got paid 5 cents for doing our homework, classwork and being a good citizen.  We should tell you the money was not real, it was play money!  This is how we set up our Mini-Mall.  There were 5 stores.  First, each store had to make a price list.  All the stores were selling toys!  Then we had to think of a name for our store and make a big sign.  Next, we put our desks in rows so it would look like a shopping mall.  We put all of our merchandise on the desks.  Merchandise is the stuff we were selling.  Now it was time for the shops to open!  Workers got a 5 minute break to go shopping, while the rest of the workers stayed to sell the merchandise.  The Monkey Mart made the most money.   Having a school store helped us learn how to count money, make change and how to be responsible with money.  We loved having the Rosenquist Mini-Mall and the fun part was we got to keep the toys we bought!

Have you studied money in school?

What was your favorite part of the Rosenquist Mini-Mall?

What have you learned about money?


Seasons Around the World VoiceThread

This year our class is participating in several Global Classroom projects.  One of them that we are coordinating is called Seasons Around the World.  Since we are studying the seasons we wanted to know what the seasons were like all over the world.  So, we created this Voicethread and invited students from the Global Classroom project to participate.  Other classes are also following a tree through the seasons, collecting temperature, sunrise and sunset data.  We share photos, video, and comments about our seasons!


Our Winter Season


 We are studying the seasons this year.  We are observing a tree during all of the seasons.  This is our tree in winter.  This is what we observed during February.  We noticed that there are reddish buds on the branches.  We think the buds will spread out into flowers in spring.  We also noticed that there is green and blue lichen growing on the bark.  The bark is not smooth, it is very bumpy.  There are no leaves on our tree right now.  Our winter has been mild this year.  It has only snowed twice!

What is winter like where you live?  How do the seasons change where you live?

What do the trees look like where you live?

Does it snow where you live?