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Should we celebrate Columbus Day? Research and Essays

Earlier this school year our class did an in-depth study of Christopher Columbus.  We took notes, asked questions, created a pros and cons chart and studied the causes and effects of the Columbian Exchange.  In writing workshop we also began a unit on argument and opinion essays.  We worked for several weeks to learn revision techniques to improve our essays.   We learned that it’s important to understand different perspectives and to respect other people’s opinions. We also learned how to support our opinions with facts. So now we are ready to share our opinions and ideas with the world. You can click here to bring you to a page with the links to each students’ essays.

Inquiry Unit (by Sophia)

This month we have been reading and writing about slavery for our inquiry unit. We read about slaves and we wrote what we learned about them. We used a website to do our research. We had a 3 T-chart. One section had new learning another had question and the last one had reflection. We read about the house conditions, the punishments, how they escaped, and Harriet Tubman. We learned a lot of things. We also Wrote a slave narrative. We pretended we used to be slaves and wrote about ourself. We made up a story about ourselves and we put some real information in it!  We had a lot of fun doing that! There was four sections to it. One was Life As A Slave, another was My Escape, and the last two were Reaching Freedom and The Civl War. The last thing we did was we presented our work.

We also read a book about slavery.  We took information from a book, wrote it down, and put it into a presentation. We had presentation words we wanted to use. Each table had different subjects and presented it to the class. We talked about what we learned, taught new things to the class,on a chart we wrote things the other tables taught us, we asked a lot of questions, and we had a lot of fun!! We loved the subject and everything about it!!

You can read our slave narratives by visiting this link: Tell the Story: Slave Narratives written by Mrs. Rosenquist’s 3rd Grade.


Persuasive Speeches

In Writing Workshop we are studying Persuasive writing and have been creating speeches.  You can listen to some of our speeches right here!  What do you think?  Have we persuaded you? We love comments.  More speeches will be uploaded to our blog as we finish.

Room 202 Book Reviews 2014

The Friday before Spring Break we finished writing book reviews and students selected their favorites to record on Audioboo.  Enjoy.  And don’t forget we really like comments on our blog!


Celebrating our Second Grade Authors

We have been working very hard in Writing Workshop to publish our personal narratives.  Today we had an Author Celebration and invited family to come and listen to us read our stories.  Here are some of our favorite and most memorable moments of the event.

  • I am proud that I read my story.  I spoke loud and wasn’t shy. – Marina
  • I will always remember reading my story to my mom. – Danielle
  • I liked reading the story to my mom because I have been working hard on it. – Jason
  • I liked when I faced my fear of being nervous.  I just kept saying to myself, “keep going on.” – William
  • For the first time ever, reading the story in front of someone.  – Gabriella B.
  • I was brave when I read in front of everyone. -Ray
  • I am proud that I read in front of my mom and dad.  – Riley N.
  • I will remember that I read my story in front of my dad because I love my dad. – Gabby C.
  • I liked reading the part in my story when I took photos. – Nick
  • I will remember reading the story in front of my mom because I usually don’t do this. – Genavieve
  • I will remember reading to my mom and being the group leader. – Claire L.
  • When I read my stories in front of the people. Chris M.
  • I liked how I read my story very loud. – Cambria
  • I like how our group was reading loud. – Kedar
  • I like how everyone described things in their writing. – Patrick
  • We all loved the snacks and hot chocolate that we enjoyed afterwards!
What was your favorite or memorable part of our celebration?
What ways do you celebrate your writing?


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Room 202 Book Reviews

During Writing Workshop we have been learning how to write book reviews.  We created a VoiceThread to share some of our recommendations.  After you listen to our book reviews you can leave a comment!  Here’s some techniques we learned to use so that our writing would be more persuasive:

  • catchy leads and strong closings
  • using comparisons
  • using personal connections
  • telling what the book is about without giving away the ending
  • telling about the theme or message of the book

Have you read any of these books?

Have we persuaded you to read any of the books?

Do you have any books that you would recommend?