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Norwood Second Grade Mock Caldecott 2014 Winners

Today all 6 classes of second grade here at Norwood cast their final ballots for our Mock Caldecott!  Here are our winners.  We can’t wait until Monday when the REAL Caldecott Medal is awarded!


day the crayons quit










We also had 4 books that earned our Mock Caldecott Honor Award.


fish and snail



Mock Caldecott Nominations 2014 Part 1

The second graders at our school are participating in a Mock Caldecott this month.  The Caldecott Medal is awarded each year to the illustrator of a picture book.  We will try to highlight each of the 20 picture books that have been selected for our Mock Caldecott.  Here’s the first three.


Journey by Aaron Becker

This story is about a girl that has a very good imagination.  We like how Aaron Becker tells the story in pictures only.  He also uses details in the book.  We like how Aaron uses dull colors like browns, blacks and grays.  And then one important color which was red and he only uses a touch on each page.  Journey stands out because sometimes it’s simple and sometimes it’s really cool because he uses lots of details in his drawings.  The ones with the castle and the ships must have taken a long time.  (written by Sarah, Ryan C. and Peter)

on a beam of light

On a Beam of Light: A Story of Albert Einstein written by Jennifer Berne and illustrated by Vladimir Radunsky

This book is a real story about Albert Einstein. We think it should win because the illustrations are good.  The illustator used pencil sketches that we like.  It also looks like they used paint.  The illustrations are a little old fashioned and we like that.  We liked the page where the illustrator showed us what atoms looked like.  We noticed that all the pages had yellow and we think its because the author wanted us to think of a beam of light.  ( written by Nava and Donnie and the class)

day the crayons quit

The Day the Crayons Quit written by Drew Daywalt and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers

This story is about the crayons writing notes to the boy.  We liked that the illustrator used a lot of colors.  Our favorite pictures were when the peach crayon was naked and when the blue crayon was very short.  We liked how the illustrator used all of the colors on the last page and the boy got an A plus for coloring. (written by Daniel and Ryan B.)

Have you read these books?

If not, be sure to visit your local library and check out these great books!

And come back tomorrow for our next post on our Mock Caldecott.