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First Week Favorites

We started school this week!  Here’ some of our favorite activities and things we learned.

  • We learned about the class library. – Carson
  • We shared our favorite books from home. –  Ryan C.
  • My favorite thing was to learn how to do Read to Self. – Cheyenne
  • My favorite part was writing workshop. – Sarah
  • During our boook share we learned some kids like fiction and some kids like non-fiction. – Maeve
  • When I read I like to sit on the bean bags. – Peter
  • My favorite read aloud was The Incredible Book-Eating Boy.  – Xiomara and Christian
  • My favorite book for read aloud this week was Interrupting Chicken. – Isabel
  • My favorite thing so far was going to specials. – Donnie
  • My favorite thing we did this week was our self-portrait. – Daniel and Ashley
  • I like when we did the Time Capsule. – Ryan B.
  • I like when Mrs. Rosenquist reads books to us like, Excuse Me, But That is My Book. – Nava
  • My favorite part is when we do morning routines and lunch count. – Owen
  • I liked when Mrs. Rosenquist read the book Crankenstein. – Julian and Robert
  • We ALL enjoy participating in Brain Breaks and Dance Parties.

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