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Inquiry Unit (by Sophia)

This month we have been reading and writing about slavery for our inquiry unit. We read about slaves and we wrote what we learned about them. We used a website to do our research. We had a 3 T-chart. One section had new learning another had question and the last one had reflection. We read about the house conditions, the punishments, how they escaped, and Harriet Tubman. We learned a lot of things. We also Wrote a slave narrative. We pretended we used to be slaves and wrote about ourself. We made up a story about ourselves and we put some real information in it!  We had a lot of fun doing that! There was four sections to it. One was Life As A Slave, another was My Escape, and the last two were Reaching Freedom and The Civl War. The last thing we did was we presented our work.

We also read a book about slavery.  We took information from a book, wrote it down, and put it into a presentation. We had presentation words we wanted to use. Each table had different subjects and presented it to the class. We talked about what we learned, taught new things to the class,on a chart we wrote things the other tables taught us, we asked a lot of questions, and we had a lot of fun!! We loved the subject and everything about it!!

You can read our slave narratives by visiting this link: Tell the Story: Slave Narratives written by Mrs. Rosenquist’s 3rd Grade.


How We Learned to use Google Docs – written by Abby

My class learned how to use Google Docs let me tell you how.

Three of Mr. St Pierre’s 5th grade students, Michela, Shannon, and Matt, taught us how so let me tell you how.First click the create or new button.Then click document,or slides.After that you start typing.If you have an account you can click share.If you want a picture you can click  (for beginners) search.Now lets see if you’re ready with a quiz. Number one how do you make a slide or document? Number two how do you get a picture?



If you want to answer the questions do a comment.

Have you ever used Google Docs?