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Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Who is Rey?


(UPDATE 11/28/16 – We have been sharing our theories with Mr. St. Pierre’s 5th grade. Both classes are commenting on each others blogs.  You can also visit Mr. St. Pierre’s Blog and read all of our comments.)

This fall we have been studying the narrative archetype of the hero’s journey.  We have used the Star Wars movies to help us understand the different stages.  We we will also be tying in other literature throughout the year.

We recently finished watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens which introduces a new character, Rey,  to the Star Wars world.  We wondered, like many Star Wars fans, who is Rey?  Where does she come from?  As a class we discussed and debated many theories.  Each student is writing about their own opinion on their blog.

We invite you to read about our theories on our individual student blogs which are located on the menu to the right.

SPOILER ALERT: We might give away part of the movie in our posts!