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It’s Summer! What are you reading?

It’s Summer! What are you reading?

Each week during the summer I will try and write a post about summer reading.  I hope you will visit our blog and post a comment about your own summer reading!  It’s a great way to keep in touch and learn about great books!  Happy Reading and Happy Summer!

So here is what I’m currently reading.  Post a comment and let us hear from you!

genius filesYou might recognize this book because I showed the book trailer last week.  It’s the first of a series.  The main characters are Coke and Pepsi McDonald who are twins.  They have recently  found out that they have been chosen to be part of a genius team of kids that are suppose to help solve the world’s problems.  The only problem is that there is another organization that wants these kids dead!  I’m about half way through the book and so far Coke and Pep are on a trip across the country and have had to avoid the bad guys twice so far!  If you like mystery and adventure I think you will enjoy this series.  Fans of Kate Messner’s Hide and Seek and Capture the Flag will enjoy this book too!


Here are the next 3 books on my TBR list. (TBR = To Be Read) Lisa Graff is the author of Absolutely Almost which we read this year.

cody lost in the sungiants beware


We can’t wait to hear from you – so make sure to come back this summer and post a comment on one of our Summer Reading posts.  What are you reading?